Monitor your pain
MIA Comfort

MIA Comfort, application for pain monitoring

The app will help you better understand your pain and the factors that affect it.
You will be able to share it with professionals to better take it in charge.

Do you suffer from migraine, low back pain, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, or any other chronic pain?

The application will assist you on a daily basis in monitoring your treatment and will help you rate your pain and measure its impact on your quality of life, such as the influence of the weather on your painful sensations. Regular use of the app will help you make correlations between your pain level and your level of fatigue and your morale.

MIA Comfort was developed after a serious motorcycle accident. It is based on the founder’s experience of chronic pain and on his know-how in “Man-Machine” interaction. Medical and scientific knowledge was provided by a panel of health professionals and advisors.

MIA Confort de Santé NET is a unique application on the market. It is recommended to mainly support the following 4 pathologies:


The app will help you better track the frequency and intensity of your seizures. This will prove useful for better communicating with those who accompany you.

Back pain

The app will provide you with a pain log and help you better understand the effectiveness of exercises or treatments. This will allow you to better measure your progress.


The application will allow you to track the location and intensity of your pain. It will provide you with a detailed report of their evolution and you will be able to transcribe it better to your companion.


The app will give you a real pain logbook. Our graphs can show a periodicity that will facilitate the diagnosis of your companion.

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The application MIA Livia is a "Remote Pain Monitoring" plug-in of the LIVIA© software, developed by Solware life.


We wanted to put our know-how of patient telemonitoring at home to help combat the Coronavirus. We are currently completing a self-assessment app based on our “MIA Healthcare” know-how which allows the patient, already screened, to follow the evolution of COVID-19 symptoms. The app will help the patient to measure its daily recovery. The information provided by users once made anonymously, will be relevant to the performance of clinical studies.

Are you a doctor or researcher, and are you looking for a specific tool for your clinical trials?