The "Remote pain monitoring" plug-in integrated into the LIVIA © software
MIA Livia

MIA Livia, application dfor pain monitoring

The LIVIA© medico-social software includes a brand new “pain plug-in” developed by Santé NET.

MIA Livia helps the patient to become an actor in his pain and to reassure the caregiver in his practice.

With this option, caregivers can follow their patient’s pain in a whole new way. With one click, the caregiver can “push” the application to the patient who downloads it to their phone. He can thus enter all the information related to his pain into his MIA Livia application in order to build up his pain logbook. The application allows him to self-assess all of the impacting factors: tiredness, mood, treatment compliance, but also the impact of the weather or physical activity.

Completely integrated into the LIVIA software, the caregiver can see in real-time in his patient file all the information entered by the patient. He can thus better understand the place that pain occupies in the patient’s life, better measure the effectiveness of prescription, and above all, limit the risk of complications.


We wanted to put our know-how of patient telemonitoring at home to help combat the Coronavirus. We are currently completing a self-assessment app based on our “MIA Healthcare” know-how which allows the patient, already screened, to follow the evolution of COVID-19 symptoms. The app will help the patient to measure its daily recovery. The information provided by users once made anonymously, will be relevant to the performance of clinical studies.

Are you a doctor or researcher, and are you looking for a specific tool for your clinical trials?